May 25, 2009

Wars vs Trek

Here's mine. Excited to see what everyone else comes up with


May 24, 2009

Challenge(s) # 4!!!

Ok folks!! It's been a while since the last challenge, and we've 'voted' on what we want to do this time.. We've got two choices this time!! The intrigue of what a drawing of the mysterious Gary Purpleton has been reflected in the poll. A whopping 9 votes for Gary, although I heard that some of his votes were done in a 'peculiar' manner...... (tsk tsk).. BUT, that's alright, I respect the underhanded nature of things and I fire back with my own twist..

Our second option will be Star Wars vs Star Trek folks!! Talk about epic haha!

So here's the deal.. Those brave enough to take the challenge of fleshing out Gary Purpleton, go for it! Hopefully you can go undercover and find some info from an unknown informant, otherwise convince us that your sketch is INDEED the visage of Mr. Purpleton himself...

For the others, Star Wars vs. Star Trek will be the task at hand.. Pit Kirk vs. Vader if you want. Millennium Falcon vs Enterprise D? Sure! The only restriction in this task is that there MUST be something SIGNIFICANT in your creation from BOTH worlds.. I don't want to see a beautiful painting of the Battle of Hoth with a tricorder in the corner. I'll give this one close to 2 weeks, just because we're gettin things up and runnin again. Feel free to post if your all done! This one ends on Friday, June 5th.

May the force be with you, live long and prosper, and PLEASE find out who the ***** Gary Purpleton is lol!

Kwame' signing off!

May 18, 2009

Ven Derius

Hey guys, Dominance War is finally over! Just finished my submission, you can see everything here. If you want to see the progress thread you can also click the link below. I swear, after painting so much hair, for a long while I'll be painting nothing but trolls. Bald freaking trolls. Man I need to sleep...

May 16, 2009

Kyle Reese

In honor of the new Terminator movie, the second coolest "Kyle" of all time.