Oct 28, 2010

Halloween Sketch

Heya everyone - I did this sketch today at lunch time in honor of Halloween. Creepy little girl wants to eat your soul... Special thanks to Ryan Yee for all those sweet tool presets :)

Oct 8, 2010

Elle Linkroft

The Legend of Zelda
Lara Croft
+ My wife Elle

Elle Linkroft!
Elle truly inspires me :D

Oct 5, 2010

Art Challenge 5: ThunderCat Woman

Man oh man... I've been working on this chick for ages. I didn't even make my own deadline! This is Cheetara as Catwoman... roawr!

Oct 1, 2010

Power Puff Girls

I'm calling this one done. It's Powerpuff Girls mixed with Final Fantasy X2. btw lasers should be in every painting. EVER.