Nov 21, 2009

From a scripter:
One of a series of BlazBlue character mixes: Arakune + Taokaka = Arakaka

Nov 20, 2009


Lab day drawing

Nov 8, 2009

Cold on Hoth

Trying to keep this thing alive...come on guys

Jul 17, 2009


Quick Cowboy for Lab Day

Jun 24, 2009

Star Borgs

Here's my entry into the fray.

Jun 15, 2009

Gary Purpleton Makes an Appearance?

Since no one else was doing him... Here I present to you my programmer art interpretation of Gary Purpleton.

Jun 10, 2009

New Address

This Schell Games Art Blog is now available at

That is all!

PS - You'll still be able to go to it from its original Blogger address.

Jun 8, 2009

Ol' Mr. Spock

Quick little sculpt I did Saturday night in honor of the new movie and our art challenge. Old Nimoy as Spock.

^A test render with Vray.^

^From Zbrush^

Jun 5, 2009

Challenege #4 Extended!

It's all in the title folks!! Just wanted to give a bit more time to those who are still working. (That of course includes me!) ^_^

Let's tack on a week or so, just keep on workin!!! I think we're gonna get some more awesome results from this one!

Carry on!

May 25, 2009

Wars vs Trek

Here's mine. Excited to see what everyone else comes up with


May 24, 2009

Challenge(s) # 4!!!

Ok folks!! It's been a while since the last challenge, and we've 'voted' on what we want to do this time.. We've got two choices this time!! The intrigue of what a drawing of the mysterious Gary Purpleton has been reflected in the poll. A whopping 9 votes for Gary, although I heard that some of his votes were done in a 'peculiar' manner...... (tsk tsk).. BUT, that's alright, I respect the underhanded nature of things and I fire back with my own twist..

Our second option will be Star Wars vs Star Trek folks!! Talk about epic haha!

So here's the deal.. Those brave enough to take the challenge of fleshing out Gary Purpleton, go for it! Hopefully you can go undercover and find some info from an unknown informant, otherwise convince us that your sketch is INDEED the visage of Mr. Purpleton himself...

For the others, Star Wars vs. Star Trek will be the task at hand.. Pit Kirk vs. Vader if you want. Millennium Falcon vs Enterprise D? Sure! The only restriction in this task is that there MUST be something SIGNIFICANT in your creation from BOTH worlds.. I don't want to see a beautiful painting of the Battle of Hoth with a tricorder in the corner. I'll give this one close to 2 weeks, just because we're gettin things up and runnin again. Feel free to post if your all done! This one ends on Friday, June 5th.

May the force be with you, live long and prosper, and PLEASE find out who the ***** Gary Purpleton is lol!

Kwame' signing off!

May 18, 2009

Ven Derius

Hey guys, Dominance War is finally over! Just finished my submission, you can see everything here. If you want to see the progress thread you can also click the link below. I swear, after painting so much hair, for a long while I'll be painting nothing but trolls. Bald freaking trolls. Man I need to sleep...

May 16, 2009

Kyle Reese

In honor of the new Terminator movie, the second coolest "Kyle" of all time.


Apr 6, 2009

Dominance Has begun!

Just trying to level up...

Mar 21, 2009

Better late than Assassinated it's been more than a month but that is how long this took! This is from the V-Day Assassin. In 3d baby...
Here is a link for a higher res turn around if anyone is interested. It's about 5 Mbs so it might take a min to load.

Mar 16, 2009

Bang your head...

Not finished with it yet, but I figured I'd post a WIP. Come on folks! Let's see your cyborgs.

Mar 15, 2009

Dominance War IV

It's upon us folks! Enter if you dare! Zach and I were in the last one and we're gonna do it again this year (and hopefully finish our entries this time @_@) Click the title of this post to get to the site and read up on the background story and rules and regs.

Otherwise, ask Zach and I about any other questions you may have.

Mar 3, 2009

Challenge #3- Heavy Metal Cyborgs!!

Challenge #3 is upon us folks and this one comes from the suggestions of Ben and Zach (right guys??). I know he had a specific idea when it came to what he wanted to draw (see the email thread if you don't know, I don't want to overexpose his idea too much hehehe). But I say, let out your inner tech/giant robot nerd inside out and come up with a really cool cyborg design that makes ya say, 'Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about!'

I leave you with a concept sketch I found on the ZBrush forums by Spacemonkey.. Click the link to see the WIP also. This guy does some fantastic work.

GO GO GO!! Two weeks start today!! Deadline is March 17th!

Feb 24, 2009

New look in progress

As you can see, we've undertaken a style change on the blog. Ryan, Zach, and I have been bouncing ideas back and forth and this is where we're at for now.. 

You won't really need to ask about further changes, you'll see em. ^_^

Feb 19, 2009

Sir LOVEJoy!

So, here it is, my finished assassin, and named Sir LOVEJoy by Mr. Kwame himself! Really tried in this one to play strongly with contrasting warm and cool lighting, and to keep myself moving fast on it. Basically the idea is that this guy's the modern day cupid, but with a bit more flair for the theatrical ;) Think Batman meets Sleepless in Seattle.

Feb 17, 2009

Meet Mr. Sporky

Happy V.D!!

Feb 16, 2009

A Very Varushka Valentine

Here's my Valentine's Day Assassin folks.. 

I got stampeded by a sci-fi bug that produced this idea for my piece. I tried all sorts of new ways of shading, inking, and overall process for this one, the most foreign for me was using Illustrator to ink some of the areas. There are ups and downs to that, but with some practice, would be brilliant.

Anyway, this latex-clad, death-dealin', smack-talkin, ribbon wielding, knife throwing, Russian-born assassin came into 'existence' from the depths of my pixie-dust addled brain for the 2nd challenge.. Varushka is pleased...and so am I. :)


Feb 12, 2009

Quite an assassin.

Feb 8, 2009

Precious Moments: First Kill

Precious moments figurines always reminded me of Valentines Day

Feb 4, 2009

Powder Monkey Detail

And here's a closeup to show some detail :D

Powder Monkey

Powder Monkeys were the explosives experts/handlers on the ship - hence the mass amounts of dynamite slung over one shoulder, large bag of gun powder at the hip, and (my personal favorite) the bag full of bowling ball bombs :) T'was a greatly fun challenge me hardees - land ho!

Feb 3, 2009

Challenge #2 - Valentine's Day Assassins

The polls have spoken!!!

It is February folks, can you feel the love! We'll be taking on the odd, yet intriguing challenge of sketchin up a Valentine Assassin character. Because of the randomness of how this idea even came to pass, we're leaving this one open to your fruitful imaginations to come up with something sweet. The character, or characters, can be anything as long as there's something to do with both valentines (Faye, Jill, Vincent, and Ivy all count ;) and assassins in the pic. 

Is your character a deadly assassin that kills only on valentines day? Or how about a character that's been inflicted a head-shot of love by their secret assassin crush.. Either way, these should have some pretty cool stories behind them. So wind up the gears and figure out what you're gonna do.. You've got another 2 weeks and funny enough, this'll end RIGHT after the fated Hallmark holiday, Monday the 16th.

Feb 2, 2009


Quick drawing in honor of the Steelers!!!!

Jan 27, 2009

Octo-arm McWacom Leg!!

Yarrr! What say yee?

Jan 26, 2009

The Swabby

I'm pretty busy outside of work, so this is only a line drawing...and I did it while in Boston on vacation - just trying to say I'm really excited about the blog but couldn't do more at the moment for this challenge. I had fun with it though. I actually dig Treasure Planet and this was kind of a style tribute in a small way to that, along with Disney's Hercules. It's obviously only "slightly" exaggerated of course:)

Jan 25, 2009

I'll tell ya where de rum went!!

No rum betta den dis man rum from De Rock! 

Challenge's almost over lads and lasses. Get ya bums on the ship, cap'n says we set sail with the sun!

Meh Pi-right

Not sure how I feel about this. Not my typical stylings...but I thought I would take this opportunity to explore other techniques and such. I have been looking at alot of Adam Hughes work and was inspired by his awesomeness.

Jan 20, 2009

Onward ye cowards! Fear my HDR!

And now the far more awesome-er version...

Onward ye cowards!

OK, so I probably overworked this... I was having too much fun.

Wooden Legs...Wooden Arms...Wooden Eyes Too!

Here's my pirate character. Inspired by one of my favorite Rocko's Modern Life moments. That's all I have to say about it, so here it is:

Jan 17, 2009

Programmer Art

No lie, that is not a photo. It is actually a high quality pirate rendering generated in a sophisticated piece of software called MS paint... yea its got like more than 10 tools.

"oh, those are such nice tones"

and here is a HDR rendering.

Jan 10, 2009

Cabin Boy

Well here's mine, the cabin boy. Can't wait to see everyone elses

Challenge #1 - Pirates!!

YARRRRR!! It's time for our 1st art challenge!! Of the themes that we tossed around, doodling up some grog-guzzlin' pirates felt like the right way to go for a fun challenge! *HICCUP* So here's the deal:

You've got till the 25th of January (Sunday) to create a fearful and troublemakin' pirate character. One catch though, he or she HAS to resemble yourself. So underneath all of the leather, scars, and tri-cornered hats must be someone we can all recognize from the office. There's absloutely no style restrictions here folks so go crazy, but I suggest going full color because we have a plan to construct one giant poster of our piratey goodness after all is said and done. Also, think good about what you do as part of the crew and your title. Here is a site with some good info if you need it: 

And remember, this one is all about character, so a background isn't necessary. But hey, if ya feel the itch (no not that, the one to make a background...) then go for it! If you miss the deadline, then naturally, you WALK THE PLANK!!! 

I'll leave you with a larger version of the drawings up there in the banner. This was some concept art for a possible Monkey Island movie that got canned 3 or 4 years ago. Good 'ol Captain LeChuck and his crew.

Remember the point of this whole thing everyone, HAVE FUN!!

Jan 8, 2009

The Search (detail)

...and here's a detail.

The Search

I've did the character sketch for this a long time ago and finally decided to make something substantial out of it. The basic idea is that the main character and his colleague are searching through ruined spacecraft in a junkyard. Not sure what they're searching for really, so don't ask :P.

At this point, I've blocked in the composition and main structure of the piece, and am now going into tighter detail. Granted, I probably shouldn't be noodling with the character so hard before the environment, but layers allow me to do it the dumb way. Check it out.


Quick sketch of Gandhi I did a couple weeks back

A drawing to prove I can still draw

Guess I'll start things off for the blog!!
I sat down a couple of nights ago and the title of the post is exactly what I thought I needed for myself. 

Did this one in about an hour and a half. I'm pretty happy with it considering the circumstances. We'll see what I come up with next after a few more self-threatning conversations. ^_^