Dec 17, 2010

My First Light Cycle

Nov 29, 2010

Art Challenge 6: Tron

New challenge in preparation for the new movie. Vehicles, characters, re-imaginings....whatever your little heart desires.

soft deadline - January 14th

Nov 21, 2010

Resident Evil: Torchlight

I've turned fashionably late into ludicrously late, but here it is. I wanted to try and do Jill Valentine as the female star of Torchlight in the same sort of style. Also, undead dog companion! (I should have done a neat little S.T.A.R.S. backpack for the dog...)

Funny too, I think we all did kickass ladies for challenge 5, (save Kyle who did a whole cast!).

Oct 28, 2010

Halloween Sketch

Heya everyone - I did this sketch today at lunch time in honor of Halloween. Creepy little girl wants to eat your soul... Special thanks to Ryan Yee for all those sweet tool presets :)

Oct 8, 2010

Elle Linkroft

The Legend of Zelda
Lara Croft
+ My wife Elle

Elle Linkroft!
Elle truly inspires me :D

Oct 5, 2010

Art Challenge 5: ThunderCat Woman

Man oh man... I've been working on this chick for ages. I didn't even make my own deadline! This is Cheetara as Catwoman... roawr!

Oct 1, 2010

Power Puff Girls

I'm calling this one done. It's Powerpuff Girls mixed with Final Fantasy X2. btw lasers should be in every painting. EVER.

Sep 29, 2010


Here's my entry folks. Two of my faves combined! And after the horror of playing Metroid: Other M, it was even more energized to paint this.

Samus is ready to take down Castlevania, and no one is telling her how to do her job. But who waits for her by the moonlight at the top of the clock tower???

Sep 12, 2010

Speeeeedpaint Fish n' Cat

Since I'm spinning my wheels trying to decide on what to do for the art challenge- here is a speedpaint I did. Direction given was "a fish and a cat". So, here is a dead fish talking to his killer in a very sociable manner.

Sep 7, 2010

New Harlequin Idea

This sketch really doesn't have anything to do with the most recent art challenge, but I thought I would post what I've been up to. This is a concept of what I think a new style Harlequin might look like. The thought was that evil Heath Ledger would want a female compatriot to help him take advantage of people and generally stir up all kinds of anarchy by exploiting her sexuality. He would have possibly captured her as a small child and tortured her to the point where she was completely insane and dependent on him. Uplifting, no?

Sep 1, 2010


As a fun sidebar from the Art Challenge, I did this guy a while back for Elle's site. He's the "butler" that greets you at her writing website (it's freakin' hilarious). I did some other illustrations for the site itself too, check 'em out here :D

Aug 30, 2010

Challenge 5 Due Date

Ryan suggested that a due date would be a good idea for these things... or else we'll just let 'em stretch out indefinitely.
So we were thinking this should be due by the end of our next Lab Day... then we'll have 3 weeks off until the next challenge. So, for those of us who would rather scan blog posts than read them:

The End of the Next Lab Day

Aug 27, 2010

Aug 26, 2010

Art Challenge!

Hey everyone... I have personally never been around for an art blog challenge... I thought I would just go ahead and throw something out there if anyone was interested in fooling around with it on Lab Day.

Fan art crossover! Draw a pre-existing character of your choice with some element from another SEPARATE universe. This could be two characters.. or a character and a prop... or a character from one universe in a costume from another... however you want to interpret it!

Aug 25, 2010

The Messengers

Here's a quick painting from last lab day. I've always loved Kekai Kotaki's artwork, especially from the Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 concept art, so I was inspired to try something in that avenue.

I'd like to take another stab at it and make some new custom brushes to get alot of the hard-edged shapes that he often employs...but that's for another time and a longer painting session.

Aug 19, 2010

Room Cleaning Biker Genie!

Hey, finally got back after a long, sad, and exhausting trip, (even caught a bad cold or something along the way) but was able to try to de-stress and finish my Genie, so here's the finished piece - the title says it all ;) I'd like to thank everyone who helped me along with this here in no particular order:

- My nephew and brother-in-law for letting me reference/photograph them for this
- Rich for letting me borrow the sweet axe that now became a vacuum
- Matt M for the nefarious vest
- Reagan for the vintage authentic lunchbox
- Mike and Patrick for vintage authentic lamps
- Johnny D for the muscles
- anyone else I forgot in the insanity :D

You all make my job possible!

Apr 26, 2010

Susie Salmon

Watched The Lovely Bones the other night and drew this

Apr 5, 2010


The forsythia is blooming awesomely at my house and looks like organic fireworks. Check it out!

Mar 3, 2010

recent portrait. Nothing original or creative, but it was fun to do since I feel like I don't draw much anymore. About 2 hours on paper and 1/2 hour in PS2.

Feb 11, 2010

Moon Pics

This is me playing with taking pictures of the moon - had to adjust them in Photoshop to see anything but thought they turned out really interesting