Feb 16, 2009

A Very Varushka Valentine

Here's my Valentine's Day Assassin folks.. 

I got stampeded by a sci-fi bug that produced this idea for my piece. I tried all sorts of new ways of shading, inking, and overall process for this one, the most foreign for me was using Illustrator to ink some of the areas. There are ups and downs to that, but with some practice, would be brilliant.

Anyway, this latex-clad, death-dealin', smack-talkin, ribbon wielding, knife throwing, Russian-born assassin came into 'existence' from the depths of my pixie-dust addled brain for the 2nd challenge.. Varushka is pleased...and so am I. :)



  1. Man, hilarious and awesome all at once - If all assassins of the heart were armed like this, not an aorta in the world would be left unscathed.

  2. The colors came out great, side pony tail or not. I'm diggin it!

  3. Nice Kwame! I thought about MC Escher combined with Japanese retro-punk when I saw this. Kinda surreal, but very nice - surprising color palette for you too:)