Mar 21, 2009

Better late than Assassinated it's been more than a month but that is how long this took! This is from the V-Day Assassin. In 3d baby...
Here is a link for a higher res turn around if anyone is interested. It's about 5 Mbs so it might take a min to load.


  1. Hell yeah Nick! She's sick man.. Well done. Sprinklin some 3d onto the blog. I think I'm gonna follow suit next time to get some more 3d practice.

    Are ya callin her done or are you going to paint her up?? And furthermore, are you thinkin about joining up in the Dominance War??

  2. Haha thanks! Heck yea! Bring on the 3d! Revolt!

    I am not sure. There has been a few people on the ZB forums telling me I should paint her. I didn't have it in mind to paint her so I might be a huge hassle to go back and unwrap stuff. I don't know though...! am pumped from feedback so I might!

    Ya know...I have never entered a DW. I knew it was coming...but I doubt I will. Haha I never get them done on time. The pressure makes me cave -____-

  3. Oh man yeah, totally understand that that would be a crazy job to unwrap if you never planned it..

    I've entered the last two and only completed the 1st of my two entries. It is alot of work and can get seriously stressful by the end, so I totally understand man.. I actually may not enter myself this year for the same reasons.

  4. Well done with the detail on this man, looks freakin awesome. Only thing that bugs me a little is the hair, but even that's not a big issue - this looks totally sweet!