Aug 19, 2010

Room Cleaning Biker Genie!

Hey, finally got back after a long, sad, and exhausting trip, (even caught a bad cold or something along the way) but was able to try to de-stress and finish my Genie, so here's the finished piece - the title says it all ;) I'd like to thank everyone who helped me along with this here in no particular order:

- My nephew and brother-in-law for letting me reference/photograph them for this
- Rich for letting me borrow the sweet axe that now became a vacuum
- Matt M for the nefarious vest
- Reagan for the vintage authentic lunchbox
- Mike and Patrick for vintage authentic lamps
- Johnny D for the muscles
- anyone else I forgot in the insanity :D

You all make my job possible!


  1. I love this picture- it's so beautiful and hilarious all at once!

  2. Awesome Zach! love how far you pushed your self on this. It came out really nice!

  3. Sweet piece! Tells a whole story.

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