Nov 21, 2010

Resident Evil: Torchlight

I've turned fashionably late into ludicrously late, but here it is. I wanted to try and do Jill Valentine as the female star of Torchlight in the same sort of style. Also, undead dog companion! (I should have done a neat little S.T.A.R.S. backpack for the dog...)

Funny too, I think we all did kickass ladies for challenge 5, (save Kyle who did a whole cast!).


  1. Haha! Great job on this, it really does look like Torchlight - also, you're right, we all DID do kickbutt girls! I seriously didn't even notice that :D

  2. Nice Reagan...this is pretty spot on. Keepin it real with the brunette Jill. :) I'm still not sure why they decided to make her blonde in RE5.

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