Jan 10, 2009

Challenge #1 - Pirates!!

YARRRRR!! It's time for our 1st art challenge!! Of the themes that we tossed around, doodling up some grog-guzzlin' pirates felt like the right way to go for a fun challenge! *HICCUP* So here's the deal:

You've got till the 25th of January (Sunday) to create a fearful and troublemakin' pirate character. One catch though, he or she HAS to resemble yourself. So underneath all of the leather, scars, and tri-cornered hats must be someone we can all recognize from the office. There's absloutely no style restrictions here folks so go crazy, but I suggest going full color because we have a plan to construct one giant poster of our piratey goodness after all is said and done. Also, think good about what you do as part of the crew and your title. Here is a site with some good info if you need it: 

And remember, this one is all about character, so a background isn't necessary. But hey, if ya feel the itch (no not that, the one to make a background...) then go for it! If you miss the deadline, then naturally, you WALK THE PLANK!!! 

I'll leave you with a larger version of the drawings up there in the banner. This was some concept art for a possible Monkey Island movie that got canned 3 or 4 years ago. Good 'ol Captain LeChuck and his crew.

Remember the point of this whole thing everyone, HAVE FUN!!

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