Jan 17, 2009

Programmer Art

No lie, that is not a photo. It is actually a high quality pirate rendering generated in a sophisticated piece of software called MS paint... yea its got like more than 10 tools.

"oh, those are such nice tones"

and here is a HDR rendering.


  1. Ryan, your artistic achievements never cease to amaze me. From blazing bears on ice to amazingly photorealistic pirates, your work is exquisite. Thank you SO MUCH for your inspiration in, and dedication to, the arts!

  2. Bear witness to MASTERFUL use of the 'make art' button!

  3. Man I wish I had MS paint...I am saving up for it right now.

  4. We are extremely impressed with your MS Paint prowess. You may consider posting more witty, gritty, funny pictures at Paint Avant-Garde.