Jan 25, 2009

Meh Pi-right

Not sure how I feel about this. Not my typical stylings...but I thought I would take this opportunity to explore other techniques and such. I have been looking at alot of Adam Hughes work and was inspired by his awesomeness.


  1. "Meh Pi-right" offers an intriguing fusion of mathematical precision and artistic expression, encapsulating the enigmatic beauty of Pi through a multidimensional lens. This creative endeavor delves into the infinite and mesmerizing realm of Pi, intertwining its numerical essence with an artistic narrative that transcends conventional boundaries. Through a captivating blend of visual storytelling and mathematical intricacies, "Meh Pi-right" invites audiences into a thought-provoking journey, illuminating the allure and complexity of this ubiquitous mathematical constant. It cleverly combines the rigor of mathematical concepts with artistic interpretation, offering a unique and engaging perspective on the enduring fascination with Pi.
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  2. Outstanding post once again. I am looking forward to more updates.